What time of day will you clear my driveway?

We operate 24 hours a day. Our start times are based solely on the snow fall. On average we will start a 10cm or less snowfall after it has fallen or a larger snowfall when 10cm is on the ground. With this system we cannot guarantee a particular time day or night. If it snows overnight as a general rule we start at 5am and are usually done the first pass before noon. If the city is plowing all the residential streets over night we will also work over night to try to remove it before you leave for work. For heavy snowfalls averaging more than 10cm, we typically will start a Quick Pass™ approximately halfway through the expected accumulation and follow up with a full pass when the snowfall has subsided. For snowfalls less than 10cm we usually dispatch our operators about 1 hour before the end of the snowfall. Last year, we implemented an email newsletter at the beginning of every snow event to let you know when to expect our operators and shovelers to begin their routes. (Learn more about routes here)

When can I expect my driveway to be done after a snow event?

All of our routes are built to be completed within 6-7 hours however there are a couple factors to be taken into account like when the storm actually finishes, how much snow has fallen and what is forecasted, and will the city be clearing residential side streets or not. While the storm itself plays a factor on when we start, the city is the “unknown” and that is what dictates how long it will take us to fully complete a clearing. If the city does clear then we often will follow them as close as possible on our routes so no clients have to wait with a plow ridge at the end which can cause delays to our service. We have developed an infographic to help go through a few different scenarios that we encounter over the course of the winter.

My driveway has been cleared already, why haven’t the shovellers come by yet?

Unlike our tractors, our shovellers do not make multiple visits to a property. This means oftentimes our operators may go out in the middle of a large storm for a quick pass on their routes before returning at the end of the storm for the final pass. Our shovel teams are sent out when the snow has ended so that they can fully clear all walkways.

Updated on December 11, 2020

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