What type of equipment do you use?

With such large equipment will it damage my driveway?

No, in fact snow blowing with a tractor is the safest method of clearing your driveway. Although the tractor is large, the weight is evenly distributed across oversized tires that results in about the same force per square inch as an average car. The snow blower attached to the tractor includes a Teflon cutting knife and is safe for all driveway surfaces (including interlocking brick). The attachments are calibrated to float above the driveway surface to avoid damages. Also, at the beginning of the season we install laneway marking posts at the end of the driveway and around obstacles to help our operators navigate throughout the winter.

Do you ever use a snow PLOW?

Absolutely not, all of our tractors are outfitted with snow BLOWER attachment that are much safer for your driveway. Snow blowing is a much more efficient way to avoid large and potentially hazardous snow banks at the end of your driveway.

Does your equipment make a lot of noise?

Believe it or not our equipment makes 1/10th the noise of a traditional walk-behind snow blower! Plus, we are in and out of your driveway in under 2 minutes minimizing the amount of disturbance caused to both you and your neighbours. In all likelihood you probably won’t even realize that we are there!

How many tractors do you have?

With the addition of 4 new tractors this season, we now have 51 tractors.

Updated on December 3, 2019

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