1. Call Back Service

Call Back Service

Welcome to our Call Back Service!

This service allows you to request a 2nd clearing in the event your vehicle was in the driveway when we came by. Our Call Back service opens after all routes are completed and allows you to pick a 3-hour time block in which your vehicles will be out of the driveway. This service will usually be started the day following the storm and go until the end of the day to a maximum of 24hrs after our start time.

If you were missed or require a different service, please use our Online Ticketing System.

The Call-Back Service is currently: OPEN

January 30th @ 5am

Call-back service will be open from 6am – 12pm today to provide an additional clean up pass. 

The office will be open from 8am to 3pm today should you have any questions.

  • Please choose a 3-hour block of time when the driveway will be clear of vehicles.