Laneway Markers

When will the laneway markers be set up?

We typically install the markers 2 weeks before the start of the season if you sign up early, or within 2 days during the snow season.

When will the laneway markers be removed?

We typically remove the laneway markers within 2 weeks of the end of the contract, depending on weather and if the ground has thawed. We ask that if our customers remove the markers themselves that they put them on the side of the house or garage so that we may retrieve them. Please do not throw them out or store them inside.

My laneway marker has been damaged or is missing, what do I do?

We have added an marker option to the Online Ticketing Service, so please use that to let us know. You may also contact us by phone, 613-837-4556, to report it. Once we receive notice, we will have a replacement sent out asap.

My laneway marker has been buried with all the snow, what do I do?

If your marker has been buried, we ask that you try to find it and pull it up so our tractors can see it. If you need assistance with finding it/pulling it up, please contact us and one of our employees will be happy to assist you.

Why can’t you just make the markers taller?

The height of laneway markers is regulated by the City of Ottawa bylaws.

Some of the Worryfree markers look different than mine, why?

New this year, we have different markers for those that have requested both Driveway and Walkway service. This allows our teams to easily see which customers are to receive each service. This is especially helpful during an overnight clearing when address numbers may be more difficult to see.

Updated on August 16, 2019

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